May 9, 2019

Artist: Tamara Bartley 
Artist's Description: Nursery rhyme that introduces letters that won't sit still. The alphabet tries to get them to stay together so it can show them off.The alphabet can be portrayed as a mother/father figure with the letters being children.

Genre(s): Childrens Music,General Childrens Music,Nursery Rhymes
Mood(s): Bright,Childlike,Dancing,Fun,Happy,Innocent,Lively,Playful,Silly,Simple,Sweet,Upbeat
Style(s): Cartoon,Childrens Production,Lullaby
Language(s): English


Single-Use License:$40.00
Derivative-Use License:$200.00



I am the alphabet, I have 26 letters
But they don’t always stick together
Some will be up, some will be down
I hope today, they’ll stick around.

A-B-C, where’s D and E?
And F-G-H and I-J-K?
L-M-N get down from there!
O-P go find Q-R-S
T-U-V come here quick!
Where is W? Picking up sticks
X is here
Y, where is Z?

Shh, everyone! Let’s settle down.
As I call your letter, don’t make a sound.
A-B-C-D, E-F-G
H-I-J-K, L-M-N-O-P
Q-R-S, T-U-V
W-X, Y and Z

Do you know my letters from A to Z?
I’d love to have you sing with me!


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